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IZeF-RG Mental Health in educational institutions

(Speaker: Prof. Dr. Charlotte Hanisch)


Psychological problems are a risk factor for all levels of development: they can affect, for example, learning and school success, social integration and participation and various aspects of physical health. Preventive approaches can reduce this risk through early detection of mental stress. On the other hand, promoting mental health and well-being can increase resilience to stressors and make children, young people and adults more resilient to critical life events and failures.

Maintaining and improving mental health therefore plays an important role for educational institutions. In its projects, the IZeF-RG on „Mental Health in educational institutions“ attempts to record mental health in educational institutions and to improve it in a multi-modal, multi-stage and multi-professional way, i.e. both at the level of the individual and at the various system levels. Multilevel includes the different levels of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. We assume that a comprehensive promotion of mental health in this sense can only succeed in a multi-professional way, i.e. involving as many disciplines and professions as possible.

The following research projects can be found in the IZeF-RG Mental Health in educational institutions:

Further information about the projects of the IZeF-RG will follow