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Interdisciplinary Workshops

Twice a year, the scholars who are actively involved in the IZeF come together for an interdisciplinary workshop. This workshop is open to the public at the university and is also attended by interested colleagues and students. The focus is on varying topics and different research projects. Central to this is the exchange and understanding of who is currently working on what research topic, what subject expertise is available, and what goals should be collaborated on in the context of the IZeF. In each case it is jointly established which "thematic neighborhoods" and interfaces may be identified and which cooperation can be created or expanded on in the future. In addition to these collaborations, overarching goals and perspectives are agreed on within the framework of the IZeF, so that synergies can be created and used by the various participants.

Next IZeF-Workshop

Der 19. IZeF-Workshop wird am Freitag, den 27. Oktober 2023, stattfinden. Im Workshop wird in Form verschiedener Vorträge zum Thema „Digitalstrategie Lehrer*innenbildung Köln – Bilanz nach 4 Jahren und Abschluss-DiSKussion“ berichtet. Anmeldungen sind ab sofort formlos unter möglich.

Das ausführliche Programm und weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.


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