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Qualification projects

Within the framework of the projects that are linked to the IZeF, qualification projects are regularly advertised. This includes bachelor and master theses for students as well as topics and project opportunities for doctorates (and post-doctoral research if necessary). In 2020/21, for example, a total of 77 qualification theses were written, including one dissertation, 31 bachelor's theses and 45 master's theses (you can read more details in the current IZeF two-year report). Through the connection to the research projects in the IZeF, current topics from the field of teacher and teaching research are announced and made available for final papers. This enables relevant research questions and important research desiderata to be dealt with, with close links and support within the framework of the projects and further offers on the part of the participating professors, such as in the form of colloquia, for example.

Due to the large number of projects, a wide range of topics can be offered, from relevant issues to decidedly research methodological questions.

1. Drei ausgewählte Publikationen von Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen

Wir möchten auf drei neue Publikationen (open access) aus dem Bereich der Nachwuchsförderung hinweisen.

2. Abschlussarbeiten im Arbeitsbereich Empirische Schulforschung mit dem Schwerpunkt Quantitative Methoden