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Methodology Workshops

IZeF organises methodology workshops approximately every six months. The aim is to qualify young academics in particular to conduct methodologically sound empirical work. As a rule, the workshops are held in cooperation with the Graduate School of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the University of Cologne. National and international experts can regularly be recruited as speakers.

Current Workshops

Workshop with the topic "Structural Equation Models: Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Path Analysis and Longitudinal Section Models"

At the beginning of the new year there will be a workshop offer for young scientists in cooperation with the Graduate School of the Faculty of Human Sciences.  The topic will be "Structural Equation Models: Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Path Analysis and Longitudinal Section Models".

The workshop will consist of two days, plus a preliminary meeting:

  • Day 1 (24.02.2021, 09:00-16:00) will include an introduction to structural equation modelling and the R Studio and Iavaan programme packages.
  • Day 2 (03.03.2021, 09:00-16:00) is scheduled for the discussion of concrete research data of the participants.
  • The preliminary meeting is scheduled to take place on 03.02.2021 from 14:00-15:00.

The workshop is aimed at doctoral students in the "advanced early stages" of their doctorate. This means doctoral students who have basic statistical knowledge and who (want to) work with structural equation models, but wish to refresh and deepen their knowledge.
On the one hand, the participants are to be given pointers for deciding whether to use the procedures in question for their own research. On the other hand, they should also receive advice or support for working on their own research data.

Further information about the workshop can be found here as PDF.

Registration & inquiaries at IZeF or the Graduate School.

Previous Workshops

Structural equation models in July 2018

The workshop, led by Dr. Rainer Leonhart (University of Freiburg), was aimed at advanced beginners and taught the theoretical basics of structural equation models as well as practical knowledge acquired with the AMOS and MPlus programs.

IZeF Methodology Workshop in December 2017

IRT Workshop (Introduction)
In this introductory workshop the basics of IRT scaling including the Rasch model were discussed. One focus was on the direct application of what had been learned to the participants' own data sets.

IZeF Methodology Workshop in June 2017

Multilevel Analyses
The English-language workshop dealt with the problem that data in empirical educational research often arise in the form of hierarchically clustered groups, such as female pupils in different school classes at different schools. Prof. Dr. Fred Hasselmann of the University of Nijmegen taught different analysis methods such as multi-level models for repeat measurements and multivariate models.

IZeF Methodology Workshop in July and December 2016

IRT Scaling I and II
Similar to the workshop in February 2015, also led by Dr. Andreas Seifert, basic principles such as the partial credit model, the interpretation of output graphics, the interaction of the properties in the Rasch model and the Rasch model in longitudinal analyses were discussed. Building on this, a second workshop was held, in particular to analyse and discuss the participants' own data.

IZeF Methodology Workshop in February 2015

Item-Response-Theory (IRT): Introduction and Scaling Techniques
This method workshop aimed at a general introduction to IRT scaling and the Rasch model. In addition, joint calculations with sample files were carried out. Dr. Andreas Seifert from the University of Paderborn participated as a speaker.